Austrian / Hungarian 100 Corona / Korona – .9802 Ounces Gold


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The 100 Corona (Korona) gold coins from Austria and Hungaria were produced as a gold bullion coin for investors seeking larger coins in an era without many choices. Many were produced during the time when gold bullion was outlawed by executive order in the US (1933 – 1971). These “restrike” Gold Coronas (Korona in Hungary), were intended to be low cost and sold to investors rather than coin collectors.

**Note:┬áMany of the Austrian coins will be restrike coins dated 1915. The Hungarian coins are often restrikes with a 1908, but dates for either coin may vary depending upon the available inventory. The version of the coin you receive – Austrian or Hungaria – will also vary, depending on the available stock.

Austrian & Hungarian 100 Corona Gold Coins Feature:

  • .9802 oz actual Gold content
  • The trust and recognizability of a sovereign world gold coin, issued by the sovereign Mints of Austria and Hungary
  • The obverse features Austrian Emperor and Hungarian King Franz Josef I. On the Austrian coin, the image is a bust of the King. The Hungarian coin carries an image of the king standing in his robes and holding a scepter.
  • The reverse of the Austrian coin carries the imperial double-headed eagle of the Austrian empire superimposed upon that nation’s coat of arms. The Hungarian 100 Korona features that nation’s Coat of Arms on a shield carried between two winged angels.


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