Proof Gold Eagle Set (1 oz, 1/2-oz)


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Gold American Eagle Proof Set – 2 Beautiful Coins in the Original Mint Box

The proof version of the American Eagle coins are sold at a significantly higher price by the US Mint when initially issued. Our secondary market coins are available with a steep discount – all of the beauty without the big markup.

The coins are minted using specially polished dies and each is struck multiple times. After passing quality control, the coins are packaged against scratching and fingerprints inside clear, hard plastic capsules. They are then placed in a velvet lined box with a certificate of authenticity.

The US Mint charges a big premium. Then there are rare coin dealers love to sell them for premiums of 30% – 40% above the value of the gold content. That is simply way too much. But grabbing these special coins at a very small mark-up versus the price of standard coins is a no-brainer.

Money Metals Exchange is proud to offer these coins, when available, at a price just above the cost of our standard bullion-strike gold American Eagles. That is a tremendous value for these stunning coins with their original mint packaging and paperwork.

Gold American Eagles are issued by the US Mint in West Point, New York. They are official legal tender and backed by the US government for weight and purity. Production of the American Eagle series of coins began in 1986. The proof sets come with dates ranging from 1998 – 2008 and from 2010 – present. Production of proof gold coins was suspended in 2009 as the US Mint put all efforts into minting standard bullion coins to meet the unprecedented demand which followed the Financial Crisis.

Mintages of these coins were limited, and so is availability. Money Metals Exchange only offers them when we can secure inventory at a fair price.

This Proof American Gold Eagle Set Offers:

  • 1.5 Troy oz of actual gold content in total.
  • Packed in Original US Mint box with Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Coin Weights Include  1/2 and 1 Troy Oz
  • Guaranteed, Legal Tender of the US Government

The gold American Eagle is the only 22 karat purity coin eligible to be held inside precious metals IRAs. IRS rules require metal of at least .995 purity, but an exemption was made for these official US issue coins.

When it comes to purity, it is important to note that the coins contain the actual gold content stamped upon them. The gross weight of the coins is slightly greater than the value indicated because of the additional weight of silver and copper used as alloy. Investors never pay for metal they do not receive.


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